Monday, November 14, 2011


A few months ago, I decided that I'm going to start blogging again. I mean, why not? I've always been into writing, all the successful crafters/ online entrepreneurs are doing it, plus.. it'll be a good way of making sure I stay on top of things.

I figured, this way, I'll be able to document my crafting, be able to network, and of course, be able to advertise my products. ;)

Anyway, after I've decided on blogging, I kept going back and forth about whether to use blogspot or tumblr until finally, I said I was going to stick with tumblr.... but guess what? Now, I'm back to blogspot. For real this time. The only reason I wanted to use tumblr was because of all the posts you can see when you log in.. I thought it was clever that you can repost random entries that you liked.. a lot of inspiration opportunities if you ask me! 

So I signed up and made my first post on tumblr.... and yup, you guessed it. I forgot about it. Then I signed up for Pinterest. And OMG, was I obsessed. It had all the reasons why I was intrigued with tumblr plus more! Awesome, awesome, awesome idea.

Now that I have pinterest, I've decided that I WILL go with blogspot and I WILL not turn back into my lazy self. I WILL keep this blog. I'd love to make friends and chat with my readers so please feel free to send me an email (feel free to send hate mail, too, if I go on too long without blogging. I need sense slapped in to me sometimes.)

Primarily, this blog will be dedicated to documenting my crafting journey, sharing tutorials, outfits, and new products from my SHOP. Apart from that, being my scatterbrained self, you’d probably see random things that inspire or matter to me. 

Welcome and happy reading!

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