Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gold Rings and New Website Discovery

Well, hello, beautiful people!

So first of all, I wanted to show you the gold rings I made yesterday. All I used were gold wire (20gauge), small bead tube (to use as mandrel for shaping), wire bending pliers and wire cutter. I was gonna do a full on tutorial but I found that there are already lots of those around (for the heart shaped ones at least) so I'll just show you what I made and hopefully, you'll get some inspiration. They're super easy plus you can make them so they're adjustable. Perfect for stacking or just wearing by themselves!

They're super fun and the possibilities are endless!

Second thing is this website that I discovered today. It's called I Wear Sin and there's an option to customize your SIN, where you'll pick a product, add embellishments and then their fashion stylists will hand sew them for you! I think this idea is GENIUS. Don't get me wrong, I would still do my own embellishing especially because they have limited options plus I can do it for cheaper. I am all still for self expression and DIY. But I know a LOT of people who would be all over this. I think given the time to develop, this could be a phenomenal trend! 

I personally love these shorts.

Sooooooo.....Love it or hate it? What do you think?


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