Thursday, June 28, 2012


So the other day, I couldn't sleep so I decided to finally try making friendship bracelets that I've been meaning to do for so long now. They're everywhere these days and they are so easy to make! I know a lot of my friends are interested in these so I've decided to do a fun giveaway! Here's what the bracelets look like:

Cute, right?

Alright, well here's how it works:

1. Take a look at this picture and guess how many buttons are in the container.

2. Go on over to my facebook page. (Make sure to like the page!)

3. Post your guess as a comment on the giveaway post.

4. You're done!

Other things you need to know:

*** Giveaway is open until Saturday night, June 30 - 10am EST
*** You may enter up to 3 answers.
*** In the event that nobody guesses the correct number, the person who is closest to the correct answer wins.
*** I can take up to 3 winners if more than one guesses correctly (first 3 people to post the number)
*** You have to join (as in "Like") my facebook page. That is the ONLY requirement. (Although I wouldn't mind if you follow me on twitter or any of my social networking accounts too - links on the top right side.)
*** This is open to international friends as well. No purchase necessary. Shipping is included.
*** Winners will be announced and contacted within 24 hours of the closing. 
*** Winners will work with me on the size, colors, and other details they want.

There you go! Thank you for joining and guess away! :)

Good luck!

PS. Would you like for me to do a tutorial on the bracelets?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Here We Go

Hey All!

So remember when I said bigger and better things are coming? I have finally have enough to move on and announce what to me is the beginning of a new era.

First of all is I decided to rename my blog from Kissemhut to Rethink Borders. For me, this name reflects more what my goal is for this blog and for my life. I started my handmade store, Kissemhut, a year ago and everything has been going fine but when I reassessed all the things that I want to achieve, I realized that sticking to making and selling handmade goods was not entirely what I wanted. Sure, I love making my own stuff but ever since I was young, I have been in love with beautiful and affordable fashion and it has always been my goal to set up my own RTW boutique. Now that I have the opportunity, I decided to go for it and launch a shop dedicated to fun, stylish, beautiful but most importantly, affordable fashion.

Last month, I opened up KISSESories and last week, I finally moved it to it's permanent home on Storenvy. I am starting by offering jewelry but as soon as things are more stable, I would expand to bags and purses and who knows, maybe even shoes and clothes. We'll see. :)

This blog will continue to be my creative outlet where you'll be able to join me as I go on my adventures. I will continue to share things I make, I love and things that inspire me to do whatever it is I'm working on. I hope you'll be there as I certainly cannot do this on my own! New and old friends are always welcome!

Thank you so much for all your support and I appreciate you reading my blog.

Until next time,

You can now find me on twitter. You can also find my other links on the sidebar. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek News

Happy hump day, my friends!

Just a quick post to take this moment and marvel at the beauty of this baby that came in the mail today........
My Silhouette Cameo!!!!

I am so excited!! I have been wanting to get one since earlier this year and last week, I finally ordered it online. I found this one on Amazon (came with the vinyl bundle. Score!). I have ZERO idea how it works and what to do with it first so uhm... yeah, it might be a while before you hear about me and my silhouette but I'm going to try my best to figure it out now so wish me luck! 

I know that's not the most flattering picture but the FedEx guy came as soon as I walked out to go on a run. Being the disciplined (*ehem*) runner that I am (more on why I'm trying to run and train next time), I decided to open it after I get back hence the too happy/too sweaty photo. 

How's your week going? 


Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Monday?

Happy Monday, my friends! 

I don't remember the last time I was happy that it was a Monday. Today marks the first official day of my freedom summer vacation plus I have today off at the med spa. Every Monday after this, I will be working from 9am-10pm so you get why today is special for me, right? :)

I am out on a mission to make today productive. I've already made a list of "things to accomplish" for the week (i looooove lists!), caught up with all my email lags, took more photos for my etsy shop's relaunch (happening soon, I promise!), checked out my amazon and etsy carts that have been sitting there for a few weeks now (oooh, packages!), and.........

Signed up for Linda(from Craftaholics Anonymous)'s Handmade Gift Exchange June 2012! I am beyond excited for this! This is the first time that I'll be joining a gift exchange (or anything like it). I am determined to meet fellow bloggers/ crafters and of course, I am excited to make (and get!) handmade gifts.

If you're interested to join in, you can read about the mechanics here. Sign up is open until June 7, 2012. It'll be a lot of fun so I encourage everyone to join! You don't have to be a professional crafter to be part of it. Love for handmade and willingness to commit to making something is all you need!

Already part of the exchange? Visit my profile here. Let's link up and be friends!

See? I told you I'm being productive.. all that (and a blog post!) before 1pm. Yay! 

Have a fun week, lovelies.


PS. I realize that I have too many parentheses in this post. Let it go. :P