Friday, June 22, 2012

Here We Go

Hey All!

So remember when I said bigger and better things are coming? I have finally have enough to move on and announce what to me is the beginning of a new era.

First of all is I decided to rename my blog from Kissemhut to Rethink Borders. For me, this name reflects more what my goal is for this blog and for my life. I started my handmade store, Kissemhut, a year ago and everything has been going fine but when I reassessed all the things that I want to achieve, I realized that sticking to making and selling handmade goods was not entirely what I wanted. Sure, I love making my own stuff but ever since I was young, I have been in love with beautiful and affordable fashion and it has always been my goal to set up my own RTW boutique. Now that I have the opportunity, I decided to go for it and launch a shop dedicated to fun, stylish, beautiful but most importantly, affordable fashion.

Last month, I opened up KISSESories and last week, I finally moved it to it's permanent home on Storenvy. I am starting by offering jewelry but as soon as things are more stable, I would expand to bags and purses and who knows, maybe even shoes and clothes. We'll see. :)

This blog will continue to be my creative outlet where you'll be able to join me as I go on my adventures. I will continue to share things I make, I love and things that inspire me to do whatever it is I'm working on. I hope you'll be there as I certainly cannot do this on my own! New and old friends are always welcome!

Thank you so much for all your support and I appreciate you reading my blog.

Until next time,

You can now find me on twitter. You can also find my other links on the sidebar. Isn't the internet wonderful?

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