Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Monday?

Happy Monday, my friends! 

I don't remember the last time I was happy that it was a Monday. Today marks the first official day of my freedom summer vacation plus I have today off at the med spa. Every Monday after this, I will be working from 9am-10pm so you get why today is special for me, right? :)

I am out on a mission to make today productive. I've already made a list of "things to accomplish" for the week (i looooove lists!), caught up with all my email lags, took more photos for my etsy shop's relaunch (happening soon, I promise!), checked out my amazon and etsy carts that have been sitting there for a few weeks now (oooh, packages!), and.........

Signed up for Linda(from Craftaholics Anonymous)'s Handmade Gift Exchange June 2012! I am beyond excited for this! This is the first time that I'll be joining a gift exchange (or anything like it). I am determined to meet fellow bloggers/ crafters and of course, I am excited to make (and get!) handmade gifts.

If you're interested to join in, you can read about the mechanics here. Sign up is open until June 7, 2012. It'll be a lot of fun so I encourage everyone to join! You don't have to be a professional crafter to be part of it. Love for handmade and willingness to commit to making something is all you need!

Already part of the exchange? Visit my profile here. Let's link up and be friends!

See? I told you I'm being productive.. all that (and a blog post!) before 1pm. Yay! 

Have a fun week, lovelies.


PS. I realize that I have too many parentheses in this post. Let it go. :P

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