Monday, July 9, 2012

Escaped the WEAKday

Halloooo! Happy Monday, friends! Did everybody have a good weekend?

I had a FANTASTIC one! My boyfriend, brothers, sister, and I did the Rebel Race! We signed up for it a couple of months ago with high hopes of going into proper training and getting fit and ready for this but before we knew it.. race day was upon us. 

It wasn't bad. We only signed up for 5k. It was definitely a challenge. All the obstacles and the mud made it seem 5 times longer than it is but it sure was a lot of fun! Glad I got that off my list!

I got new stuff for the race that I can just dispose later on. I wanted a really bright outfit so they'd find me if I got lost. Ha! Got cheap $10 shoes from walmart, bright green shorts and a regular neon pink shirt that I turned into a workout top using this tutorial

In Memoriam

Here's a couple of photos from the event taken with my trusty Kodak Playsport:

The BEFORE shot. (l-r): My brother, DEAN, my boyfriend, ALDENE, my sister, JULEEN, Me, my youngest brother, ROMAN

After the first mud crawl.  (Me, Dean, Juleen, Roman)

We made it! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!!
I was little bit sore after but it was all worth it! Now I'm back to crafting and getting my things together. Working on a new DIY now.

Til later..

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