Monday, August 27, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: Did everybody decide to skip a month and not tell me about it?

Is it just me or does it feel like we lost a month or something? I can't believe summer is over! I came to school yesterday and peeked at my classroom. Yikes. It was weird because I felt like it's been forever since I was there but then it also felt like it was just yesterday when we had our end of the year parties. 

I'm trying to shake away my summer-is-ending blues and so I'm thinking about some of the things I'm looking forward to in the months ahead. There's the 20 new three year olds coming to my class, my new teaching partner, the gorgeous fall colors, and August ending also means that we're a month closer to snowboarding season! Eek! 

I've also asked my friends from the Maryland Promotions Team what they're looking forward to for the fall. Any of you share the same sentiments?

        "Haha! My kids going back to school! That's a no-brainer! Seriously, though, I'm 
            sketching my third novel now and hopefully I will start writing in earnest once my kids 
 are back in school and I have the house to myself again.Here's a pic of 
   my babies' first day of school last year.
 - Laura from Rockefeller Crystal

"I always feel like Fall really begins with my favorite show of the season. 

It's a two day show. (Anne Arundel County Craft Fair) I set up on Friday night, 
drive to 'work' (show) Saturday morning, go home, go back to 'work' Sunday ... 
so all weekend I talk to people about rocks and jewels and create when the quiet moments 
present themselves. This show reminds me that dreams are within reach 
~ just keep working hard and never stop reaching! 

But I must say ... the best part of Fall ... 
every moment I get to spend with my 2 amazing Grandsons!!! Okay ... t
he rest of the family counts too. But those boys are my reward for 
                                                       surviving 4 kids and the teenage angst years!!" 
- Janet from A Gems Journey and Janet's Fun Jewels


"I'm looking forward to as many days off of school the calendar will allow,
 and RAVENS football! Go Ravens!
- JoAnn from I Sew Munch Time

"I am looking forward to the crisp, cool weather and colorful leaves. 
Fall weather is great scarf weather! I love looking at the trees with all the different colors. I
 also enjoy looking at the details in each individual leaf. 
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I am looking forward to that as well. 
I have a large extended family and we always get together on that day. 
Good times and good food! Can't complain about the beginning of football a
nd hockey season also! Fall is my favorite time 
of year of all of these reasons!

And I'm also gonna be an Aunt for the 3rd time!"
- Meezan from Stringtown Beads

"Since I live at the beach, I am most looking forward to the town 
clearing out. I am also looking forward to not working full time for 
someone else. When the summer season ends this year, 
I plan to work full time on my etsy shop 
and doing some art/ craft shows."
- Mary from Seaside Siren

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How about you? What are you looking forward to this fall?


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  1. Great post! I love getting to know other shop owners / team members!

    I'm looking forward to crisp autumn air, visits to the pumpkin patch and PIE!