Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Show your support by getting these decalsAll proceeds will be donated to on going relief efforts.

My beautiful home, the Philippines, has once again been hit by nature. Two years after Typhoon Ondoy, which shook up the whole country leaving many dead and a lot more stricken and damaged, a tropical storm and southwest monsoon have severely flooded areas in Luzon and Metro Manila the last few days. Over 800,000 people (increasing as we speak), have been affected. Lives have been lost, properties have been damaged. Words cannot express the horror and sadness I feel every time I see the news.

Here are some pictures I've collected to show you (little of) what the Filipino people are going through right now. None of these pictures are of my own. 

I am grateful that all my family and friends are safe but like most of the people affected, their properties have been severely damaged. Evacuations and relief efforts from all over are going on and it makes my heart beam with pride to see my countrymen help each other in this time of great need. 

In an effort to help out and organize a fund raising project, I have made Pilipino/ Filipino decals, now up in my etsy shop.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to ongoing relief efforts. These decals can be used on laptops, cars, computers, refrigerators, books, and other surfaces. Please help me spread the word and help out our brothers and sisters in need!

Let me end this post with a collage I found on facebook. I want to share with the whole world how even in times of disaster, count on Filipinos to be laughing and finding humor in the situation. Ah, how I love being Filipino, let me count the ways......

Roughly translated, text says: "You are just flood, I'm Filipino!"



For those in need, here's a list of numbers to reach: (List copied/ reblogged from Camille Co)

Hotline: (02) 433 – ULAN (433 – 8526)
Hotline: (02) 911-1406; (02) 912-2665; (02) 9125668
Hotline: 136 (MMDA Metrobase) ; (02) 882-4177 or (02) 8820925 (Flood Control)
  • DPWH – Department of Public Works and Highway
Hotline: (02) 304-3713
Hotline: 7890, (0918) 884-8484
Hotline: 143, (02) 911-1876
  • Meralco Emergency
Hotline: 16211
SMS: 0920-9716211(SMART); 0917-5516211(GLOBE)
  • Philippine National Police
Hotline: 117
SMS: Send TXT PNP to 2920
Additionally, visit this link for a list of relief centers.


  1. Baha ka lang, Pilipino Ako! Hahaha, that was a really nice one. We may not have won any Olympic medals, but d Fil spirit these past few days deserves a heap of gold. Mabuhay! xx

    1. I know. That statement is so true! Thanks for dropping by!