Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Last of Summer 2012 in Pictures

After I put up my last post, I quickly realized how I didn't get to do a bunch things from my summer to-do list. I panicked a little bit. Did a little inhale..... exhale... then I decided I'm not gonna let the last week go to waste.. 

Tuesday - My boyfriend, Aldene and I went for a picnic. We didn't get to do one picnic the whole summer so we filled our cooler, ordered sushi and drove down to our favorite spot in DC. And since school already started for some and it was a Tuesday morning, we had the place to ourselves. Perfect!

Wednesday - Biking, hotdogs and ice cream in Downtown DC

Thursday - Sandy Springs Adventure Park with Aldene, my brother, and my sister. Hooray for google offers!

Friday - Hiking at Billy Goat Trail A, Great Falls, MD

Saturday-Sunday - Outerbanks

Aaah, summer, you've been fun. Thank you. Hit me, fall. I'm ready.

What did you do to end your summer 2012? Check out what some other people have been doing here.

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