Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trendy Thursday DIY: Leather Statement Necklace

Hey, folks! 

So, this week, the teachers go back to school. The kids don't come in till next week but I'm already so tired! I had forgotten how it feels like to be working at 8am. I miss sleeping long hours. Haha Seriously though, I still feel a little bitter about summer ending but I've met most of my to-be Rainbows and they're such a sweet bunch! So excited!

Anyhoo.. starting this week, I'm gonna start a new blog feature called TRENDY THURSDAY DIY where (hopefully) every Thursday, I'll post a DIY project inspired by the season's hottest trends.

Let's start easy, shall we?

One trend that's not going anywhere are statement necklaces. I saw this Lynn Ban Necklace in the September 2012 Harper's Bazaar. I absolutely adore geometric statement necklaces and this one immediately caught my eyes. But for a whooping $900, no, thank you. It's so exclusive that I can't find details for it anywhere. The magazine just gave a phone number where you can order. 

 And so, inspired by this piece, let's DIY!

What you need:

leather scraps: I got mine from AC Moore, 3 different sized sheets for $4.85, OR get it here.
jump rings: I used 3/8
closure, chain: on hand. entirely up to you what you want to use. I just used whatever I can find first.
leather: I drew the shape I wanted on construction paper and used it on the leather as template
whole puncher: I got mine from a local dollar store for $1

And in 4 easy steps......


Not bad, eh? And remember, you can modify yours to the shape you want. I wanted to make mine a little more rounded than our inspiration piece.

Please let me know if you decide to do this project! I would love to see what you've come up with!



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  2. WOW! Wonderful designs I must say. I like the whole concept and idea of making DIY statement necklace. Nothing can keep you in style like a seasonal transition and if we talk about the jewelry trend of this year, then funky statement necklaces have marked their place in the jewelry world.