Saturday, October 13, 2012

HAUL: My First IPSY/ My Glam Bag!

Hallloooo eb-ri-ba-dy!!

I know I've been MIA (again) but I swear I'm working hard. I'm also trying out this new and VERY exciting thing that I can't tell you guys about just yet. It's something I've been wanting to do forever but just mustered up the courage for. Once I feel more comfortable, I'd tell you all about it!

And so moving on.....

I've recently subscribed for a couple of (subscription) beauty boxes and I've been sooooo excited for them to come. I honestly can't remember how many I signed up for because a lot of them would let you register but tell you that you're on a waiting list and you'd have to wait before you can purchase a box. Boo! 

But on Friday...... this little baby came and I was so freakan' happy! 

It's the sparkliest mail envelope ever!

Now if you don't know what Ipsy is, it's basically a monthly subscription started by youtube sensation, Michelle Phan where you'll pay $10/ month and they'll send you products to try out. Some are sample sized, some full sized. It gives you the opportunity to try out a product before you commit to buying it full size..or lets you try new products that you wouldn't necessarily come across with otherwise. Learn more here.

Here's what's inside my glambag for this month:

awww, shucks!

Don't you just love the bag it came with? I am obsessed with chevron! This little clutch is just perfection and is probably my most favorite of the whole package!

And the products:

Honestly, I don't know if I love the product choices for this month. I definitely got my money's worth if you look at the regular prices but they're not necessarily products that I would pick up.

I'm definitely happy about the mascara and eyeliner since these are two of my make up essentials. I used the eyeliner today and I'm pretty happy with it. I have yet to try it for a few days before I decide if I love it. Like pay-14-bucks-for-it love it.

I'm also excited to try the hair treatment. I don't use a whole ton of products on my hair but I've heard good things about the Pequi treatment so I'll def try that one out.

The lip stain is also okay. It's not my color choice since it's too nude but it's alright. I tried it on top of my regular lipstick and it seemed to hold up well. I think I'll end up using it as a lip highlighter.

And as for the eye shadow.. hmm... meh. I've tried coastal scents eye shadows before and I'd say they're average. They're alright for normal everyday use and their pigmentation's okay but I'm not crazy about this palette in particular. I would use neutral eye shadows since I don't put make up on everyday but this one is just too light, even for for me. It's actually a lot lighter in real life than in the pictures and when I swatched it on my hand (2nd picture), it took me a few strokes before they showed up. One of them barely showed up even after a few applications. 

Additionally, I looked down on my hand just now and it's all gone. The sparkles are all that's left. It looks like I put glitter lotion on.

So there you go, my first glam bag! Woot, woot! All in all, I'm not too crazy about this one but I'm still satisfied. I'm don't regret signing up for it and am looking forward to next month! I'll use all the products and see what I think about it and I'd definitely let you guys know.

Wanna sign up for Ipsy? Head over here.

Are you an Ipsy subscriber? What do you think? Which product(s) are you excited to use? Let me know!


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