Friday, February 15, 2013

Closet Organization: Cheap DIY Boot Fillers

I'm pretty sure it's not just me having problems with my boots not standing up. It's annoying because a) It is not cute to look at AT ALL, and b) My boots loses it's form. 

I have this weirdly organized room where my "closet" is not really a closet. Everything's exposed. Most of my clothes are on hangers and then I have a bunch of folded up items and then right below are my shoes. For the most part, I like it cos I can see all my clothes when I'm in bed. I like envisioning outfits before I sleep. 

This closet is right by the door so often times, if my boots are just slumped on the floor, it gets caught under the door and it gets pretty annoying. I feel like my boots always end up pushed around the floor.

I've looked at boot forms/ fillers online and they are not cheap. I'd rather save the money, thankyouverymuch. So here's an easy DIY solution that I did today.

I went to the dollar store and got 4 of these foam floater things.

I cut them up into 3parts (the 4 floaters were enough for 6 pairs of boots for me) You might need to adjust the cuts depending on your boot length. I used the longer ones for my thigh high boots

Stuff them in and ta-daaaaa!!!  

Easy AND cheap. My kind of projects.
I think I'll buy myself new boots from all the money I saved. 


Take One Day 5: Tan Boots... A Cheat Day

I feel like I cheated a little bit today. I took the easy route and went with the shoes from yesterday. Just like what I did for Day 2. Originally, I was gonna take the (faux) leather jacket but I didn't anticipate the weather. Today was actually really nice and I felt that wearing a jacket was kind of inappropriate. Today felt like a light sweater day. As usual, I was running late so I took what I felt was the easiest to take from the last outfit: the tan boots.

sweater/ cardigan: Papaya
sweater top: Forever21
belt: gift
pants: Verdict
boots: Sears
cuff bracelet: flea market

Have a great weekend! (An extra fun weekend if you have Monday off, like I do! Yay!)

Take One Day 4: Crocheted Cropped Top

Belated Happy Valentine's day, dear reader! I wish you had a spectacular one! I made sure to tell my students that Valentine's day is a special day for thinking about people you love. Your family, your friends, even yourself. To me, it was also a day of indulgence. I've had one too many sweet treats. Oh, the curse joys of being a preschool teacher!

Here's yesterday's outfit. I made sure to add some red to valentinesify the yellow cropped top from yesterday.

One of my fashion goals when I decided to share outfit posts was to get outside my comfort zone and experiment more with items in my closet. I'm not one to necessarily be adventurous with mixing prints and textures so I was quite pleased with myself for pairing the dots with the crochet pattern with the mixed pattern grandma scarf and the crochet texture with the leather jacket. It all comes together, don't you think? 

faux leather jacket: Sears
sunnies: Aldo
cropped top: Forever21
tank top: old
pants: Forever21
boots: Sears

Have you tried the Take One Challenge yet?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Take One Day 3: The Long Dress Shirt

For today's outfit, I took the shirt from Day 2. I must admit that this was a little tricky. Both Day 1 and Day 2 only had a couple of items that I can take - that's what I get for oversleeping and rushing in the morning all the time.  Also, this dress shirt is so old and worn, it's borderline sloppy. Lol But again, my job lets me, if not requires me to wear items that I don't mind getting ruined. So anyway, to dress it up a little bit, I decided to also wear this cute mustard yellow crocheted top. It's perfect to cover up a tiny spot on my shirt that may or may not have been from the chocolate drizzle on my yogurt. I swear I'm like a three year old sometimes.

I bet if I hadn't said anything, you wouldn't notice I got a haircut huh? I still don't know how I feel about it. I've wanted to get legit bangs (not side swept) all my life and yesterday, I sorta kinda decided to go for it. I told my stylist to make it short enough that I can wear it like regular bangs but long enough to do it side swept if I didn't like it. As you can tell, the bangs freaked me out so I wore it mostly side swept today. I feel like this (sort of) new style makes my face rounder than already is. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

OOOHHH, and guess who got a surprise flower delivery at work today?

They were beautiful!

Happy almost Valentine's Day, friends!

Take One Day 2: The Brown Boots and A New Favorite FroYo Flavor

This is yesterday's outfit. I took the dirty brown boots from Day 1 and paired it with a long dress shirt and tights. 

Sunnies: Eye2Eye (Philippines)
Necklace: DIY
Long Dress Shirt: H&M
Vest: Papaya
Purse: Nine West
Tights: Old
Boots: Body Central

And, yea, My boyfriend took pictures of me in the parking lot.... Of a commercial center...... At 4pm when everybody was out. No shame.

We went to get haircuts! Yay. You'll see my new do in the next post but for now, let me tell you about a new frozen yogurt place we discovered. It's called Menchie's and it's like a happy pink yogurt heaven. They have relatively the same flavors you'll find at Yogiberry but they have Dulce de Leche which is now my new favorite. It tastes just like the Haagen Dazs ice cream! Yum! They have fewer toppings than other yogurt places but they have cool whip! Double yum! I recommend trying it out if you're in the Rockville area!

Stay tuned for today's outfit post!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Starting Over: Take One Pass It On Part 2 Day 1

Is my title confusing enough? Ha. Here's day one of my second attempt at the Take One Challenge. Today feels like a chunky sweater, tights, and boots kind of day. It rained last night which left everything wet and gross and muggy in the morning. Ugh. But it wasn't too cold which was good. I'm tired of the cold. I only like winter when I'm snowboarding and since I haven't done any of that lately...Meh. I'm ready for the spring time.

Also, I'm not gonna lie. I absolutely ADORE this kind of outfits. It's so warm and comfy and has such a relaxed vibe to it. I'm lucky that I work at job where dressing up like this is completely acceptable.

Sweater: Cotton Forever (Thrifted)
Thermal Top: Forever21
Tights: Old
Boots: Body Central

Can you guess what item I'm taking to Day2? See you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Take One Pass It On Remix Challenge

So, the genius that is Sarah from Sarah's Real Life came up with the Take One, Pass It On Outfit Remix Challenge. I've always thought wardrobe challenges are so much fun and I've been wanting to join in on a few since forever but a lot of them are a little bit too intimidating for a start up blogger (Do you hear me, 30x30 Remix? New Dress A Day (Reconstructed clothing)? You're too  intimidating! But I'll take you on one day, I promise, one day.) 

So anyway, for this challenge, you dress up for Day 1 like you normally would and then on day 2, you take an item from Day 1 and incorporate it in your Day 2 outfit. On Day 3, you take a different item from Day 2 and then incorporate it in your Day 3 outfit. Then on Day 4... you get the point, right? If you're still confused, my dear friend, read more about it here.

Fun, right? I decided I was gonna do it come February. And like many other things I do, it's a lot easier in the beginning when I'm all motivated and focused and then (insert a thousand excuses here) I stopped on Day 7. I lasted for one whole week. Good enough, right? Yep, I thought so.

BUUUUUUT since I find it to be so interesting, fun and challenging, I'm starting again next week. It's such a good way to help me use all the items in my closet and figure out the stuff that I will never use and therefore need to toss out.

Here, let me show you my Days 1-4. I'll post the rest next week.

Scarf: Pierre Bijoux ; Tank Top: Forever 21 ; Cardigan: J. Crew ; Necklace: Wet Seal 

Day 1 item to take: Loose Gray Top from Forever 21

Necklace, Rings and Belt: Aldo ; Knit Long Sleeves: Ross ; Tank Top: Forever21 ; Tights: Ross ; Shoes: Shoedazzle
Day 2 item to take: Knitted Black Long Sleeves from Ross

Scarf: AC Moore ;  Knit Long Sleeves: Ross ;  Bauble Necklace: Kissesories (available soon!) ; Pants: Verdict 
Day 3 item to take: Bauble Necklace from Kissesories (available soon!)

Bauble Necklace: Kissesories ; Thermal: Eddie Bauer ; Sweater: Iron Fist ; Pants: Forever 21; Boots: 15DollarStore
Such a good prompt for dressing up and for fashion posts, right? I'd be so glad if you'd join the challenge! If you share your pictures on Instagram/ Twitter, don't forget to use the hashtag #TakeOne so everybody can find your post/ pictures. Also, add me on both sites! My username is @hippiegypsy00(twitter and instagram) Let's be friends! I'd love to hear from you!

Here's Sarah's week 1 round up. Check it out!

And here are a few other bloggers doing the challenge:

Have a great rest of the weekend!!