Monday, February 11, 2013

Starting Over: Take One Pass It On Part 2 Day 1

Is my title confusing enough? Ha. Here's day one of my second attempt at the Take One Challenge. Today feels like a chunky sweater, tights, and boots kind of day. It rained last night which left everything wet and gross and muggy in the morning. Ugh. But it wasn't too cold which was good. I'm tired of the cold. I only like winter when I'm snowboarding and since I haven't done any of that lately...Meh. I'm ready for the spring time.

Also, I'm not gonna lie. I absolutely ADORE this kind of outfits. It's so warm and comfy and has such a relaxed vibe to it. I'm lucky that I work at job where dressing up like this is completely acceptable.

Sweater: Cotton Forever (Thrifted)
Thermal Top: Forever21
Tights: Old
Boots: Body Central

Can you guess what item I'm taking to Day2? See you tomorrow!

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