Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Take One Day 2: The Brown Boots and A New Favorite FroYo Flavor

This is yesterday's outfit. I took the dirty brown boots from Day 1 and paired it with a long dress shirt and tights. 

Sunnies: Eye2Eye (Philippines)
Necklace: DIY
Long Dress Shirt: H&M
Vest: Papaya
Purse: Nine West
Tights: Old
Boots: Body Central

And, yea, My boyfriend took pictures of me in the parking lot.... Of a commercial center...... At 4pm when everybody was out. No shame.

We went to get haircuts! Yay. You'll see my new do in the next post but for now, let me tell you about a new frozen yogurt place we discovered. It's called Menchie's and it's like a happy pink yogurt heaven. They have relatively the same flavors you'll find at Yogiberry but they have Dulce de Leche which is now my new favorite. It tastes just like the Haagen Dazs ice cream! Yum! They have fewer toppings than other yogurt places but they have cool whip! Double yum! I recommend trying it out if you're in the Rockville area!

Stay tuned for today's outfit post!

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