Friday, February 15, 2013

Take One Day 4: Crocheted Cropped Top

Belated Happy Valentine's day, dear reader! I wish you had a spectacular one! I made sure to tell my students that Valentine's day is a special day for thinking about people you love. Your family, your friends, even yourself. To me, it was also a day of indulgence. I've had one too many sweet treats. Oh, the curse joys of being a preschool teacher!

Here's yesterday's outfit. I made sure to add some red to valentinesify the yellow cropped top from yesterday.

One of my fashion goals when I decided to share outfit posts was to get outside my comfort zone and experiment more with items in my closet. I'm not one to necessarily be adventurous with mixing prints and textures so I was quite pleased with myself for pairing the dots with the crochet pattern with the mixed pattern grandma scarf and the crochet texture with the leather jacket. It all comes together, don't you think? 

faux leather jacket: Sears
sunnies: Aldo
cropped top: Forever21
tank top: old
pants: Forever21
boots: Sears

Have you tried the Take One Challenge yet?

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