Friday, February 15, 2013

Take One Day 5: Tan Boots... A Cheat Day

I feel like I cheated a little bit today. I took the easy route and went with the shoes from yesterday. Just like what I did for Day 2. Originally, I was gonna take the (faux) leather jacket but I didn't anticipate the weather. Today was actually really nice and I felt that wearing a jacket was kind of inappropriate. Today felt like a light sweater day. As usual, I was running late so I took what I felt was the easiest to take from the last outfit: the tan boots.

sweater/ cardigan: Papaya
sweater top: Forever21
belt: gift
pants: Verdict
boots: Sears
cuff bracelet: flea market

Have a great weekend! (An extra fun weekend if you have Monday off, like I do! Yay!)

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