Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Big" Reveal

If you knew me at all, you'd know how much time I spend on the internet. I'm fascinated by the world wide web. I spend more time in it more than I should. Why shouldn't I? I mean, there's just so much (too much, actually) to learn, to read, to watch, to follow. Sometimes I get overwhelmed but most times, there is nothing I want more than to be part of it. 

Youtube is one of my most visited sites and probably my most favorite one. One of the things I've always wanted to do is start my own youtube channel.

A few years back, I was playing with the idea of making a music channel. Ya know, me singing and making music and stuff. But I'm too much of a chicken poop to do that. Also, I probably don't make as good music as I think I do so I did the world a favor and kept the singing and the music playing to myself and my actual, physical world.

I never gave up though. In the back of my mind, I've always been thinking about my very own youtube channel. What I would say, what I would do.

And then last year, I took the idea a little bit more seriously. I realized that aside from music, what I really love is fashion, crafts, beauty and style. I definitely don't think of myself as a "guru" on anything but I thought, "Maybe I can share this to the world. Out of the billions of people in the planet, somebody's bound to relate to my style, right?" If I can just reach out and inspire ONE person with my project, then I would be happy. 

5 months ago, I finally did it. I started my very own youtube channel. Eep. I only told my boyfriend and family but I had them SWEAR that they're not gonna try to find my channel or watch any of my videos.

I set a milestone for myself. I said that when I reached 50 subscribers it'll be more real. When I get 50 complete strangers supporting me, then I can let people who actually know me see my videos. Well yesterday, it happened. I woke up today to find 52 subscribers. Fifty-freakin-two. 

I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Sure, maybe not all of them will stick around but at least I know they were there. Maybe if at some point, 10 of them find that they can't relate to me, then I'll find 11 who can. Who knows.

What I do know now though is that I LOVE it. I'm gonna keep doing it because I want to be there with people on their journeys in exploring fashion, crafting, beauty, and their own style. I want THEM to be with me as I learn more about the world of fashion, crafting, beauty and my own style. I'm not leaving my blog because I love this one too! And although keeping up with posts have been a challenge as it is, I'll keep working on both my blog, and my channel!

So here you go... I'm opening it up to OUR world. I would love if you, my dear reader, would come and join me. If you have your own channel, then let me know and I'll come visit! And even if you don't, then your support on mine will mean the world to me.

Visit and subscribe? Thank you so much!

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