Friday, May 10, 2013

"Think You're Pretty Special Now?"

Alright, so today's Blog Every Day In May Topic is: Embarrassing Moments.


Just like when the topic was things that make me uncomfortable, I almost skipped today but I wouldn't let myself. I've done this challenge for 10 DAYS! That's some sort of record for me. I've been trying to think of an embarrassing moment to share but I just couldn't think of anything to write about. I have two theories as to why this is.

Number one, I don't really embarrass that easy. I'm passive aggressive so I make jokes about myself and my boo-boos before anybody else can. Sad but true. I don't take myself too seriously because I would rather find the funny in my situations than let me embarrass myself further by making a big deal out of things.

Theory number two is that I've blocked out all embarrassing memories. I'm pretty sure things are worse in real life than how I remember them.

So yes, I make an interesting psychological case.

So anyway, the best I can come up with is that time back in the Philippines when I was working as a Front Desk Associate. Part of my job was to assist office applicants so there were continuously people in my lobby. I think it's kind of an unspoken rule where all Front Desk people are visually appealing. I'm not saying I'm some sort of beauty goddess. I'm not. But I tried to carry myself well. I often get people hitting on me inappropriately. No biggie.

So one day, I walk into the office, feeling all pretty in my skirt and blouse and high heels. I walk in and there were 4 men and a woman on one side and 3 more men on the other side, all filling out application forms. I felt them staring at me as I got myself set up in my table. I didn't mind. I walked around a little bit, sorting out paper work and when I was in front of my table, my back turned to them, the girl comes up to me and says, "Miss, the zipper to your skirt is undone." I look down to the side of my skirt and true enough, my skirt was wide open, my underwear in full view. Mind you, it wasn't just open and underwear peeking a little bit. It was "BAM! Look at me!" open. I wanted to die. I ran to the other side of my table and tried to fix it. Turns out, I broke my zipper. I had to ask our security guard to get me pins.

I couldn't look at any of them after that. I don't think I've ever wished for anybody not to get a job like I did that day. I did not want to see them ever again after that. And needless to say, after that, I made sure to check myself extra times before I walk into the office.

Other moral to the story? Always have extra safety pins in your purse.

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    SO we need to hang out so I can guarantee you'll have them, just in case.