Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Subscription Haul and Review: July Beauty Box 5

I've mentioned in a post before that out of all my subscription boxes, Beauty Box 5 is my least favorite. I feel like the past few months, they were sending very similar products in the boxes. They were mostly small sample sizes too. I find that I end up enjoying very few of the products coming from there. Additionally, the subscription is $12/month while Ipsy(subscription that it's most comparable to), is only $10. I feel like it wasn't worth it. I was gonna cancel my membership but when I went to the website, the server was down and they were asking me to call customer service if I needed to do anything. And of course, I was checking very late at night and so I decided I'd call the next day. Well, I forgot and so I got billed again. Well played, people. Well played.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting much from this particular one. I was actually annoyed when it didn't come mid month like it usually does. It came towards the end of July. When I finally got my package, I was pleasantly surprised that this month's products were a little bit different and I found myself actually looking forward to using them. Nothing special, just basic products but I feel like these are products that I would actually use.

The product I'm probably most excited about is this EVERY BEAUTY FOOT SMOOTHER. My feet need to be pampered very badly. Haha! (Retail: $4.99)

Then there's LA FRESH TRAVEL LITE ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES (8 WIPES). See what I mean when I said they're products that I would need? (Retail: $1.99)

There's a couple of JEAN PIERRE NAIL POLISH REMOVER WIPES (2 WIPES)  Again, one of those basic things that everybody needs. (Retail: $3.99/10 pieces)

Also, a teeny tiny sample of H2O PLUS FACE OASIS HYDRATING TREATMENT (8ML) (Retail: $36/50ml)

Lastly, there's a BE A BOMBSHELL LIP GLOSS IN SUMMER LOVIN' (FULL SIZE) - I think this is my 3rd lip gloss from this brand. I think they're alright. Super glossy. This one is a really pretty orange-y coral color. It's sheer and sparkly. (Retail: $14)

There you go.  Again, I was pretty pleased with the July box mostly because I wasn't really expecting anymore. The items are pretty basic, nothing mind blowingly good  but I think I'll give Beauty Box 5 another chance and see what they send me next month. Anything in particular you liked?

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