Monday, September 23, 2013

Subscription Haul and Review: September Beauty Box 5

So this is it. I have decided and acted on cancelling my Beauty Box 5 membership. If you've been following my hauls, you'd know that I have always been on the fence about this subscription. For $12 a month, the products I have been getting have been hits and misses and lately, it's been a lot of misses. I've been talking about cancelling but always felt like I needed to give it a chance. After about a year (I think), I've finally cancelled my subscription. Just like the past few months, this month's box has just not been my cup of tea. I'm just not impressed especially if I compare it to my Ipsy subscription which I've been loving lately. Noting that the Ipsy subscription is also $2 less.

So here it is, my last Beauty Box 5 Haul. Read til the end for the coupon codes that you can use for this month's products.

First we have this 4-PACK OF ELASTIC HAIR TIES FROM FLY TIES (Retails $7.95 for 4-pack) - Ever since the original ones came out, I've been irritated at how companies have been selling these at ridiculously high prices. You can easily DIY this for about 24 cents a piece! I'll give it to whoever first came up with using fold over elastics, it's a great idea. It doesn't dent the hair and they hold up pretty well. This has been mostly all I've ever used since I started making them. What I don't appreciate though is the insane markup when you put a brand name on it. These ones aren't even singed! And let me tell you, making sure that the ends are nicely done plays an essential part on making sure that you can keep these babies for a while!

.08OZ BELLA PIERRE COSMETICS CELEBRATION SHIMMER POWDER (Retail: $15/.08oz) - This is a really pretty rose gold loose shimmer powder. I imagine it would look fantastic over eyeshadow. I'm not a big fan of loose powder because of how tricky it is to work with but I'm definitely keeping this in my stash for when I need a dash of fancy!

3ml SKIIN SOOTHING & SMOOTHING EYE CREAM (Retail: $49.95/ .5oz) - There's also this teeny tiny sample of an extremely expensive eye cream. I'm continuously on the hunt for good eye creams but I don't get excited about really small samples like this because I don't think I can't really tell if I like a product based from a tiny amount. This packaging is also very unappealing. It reminds me of medicine and I don't think it's meant for more than one time use.

5-PACK EVERY BEAUTY MAKEUP REMOVER PADS WITH ARGAN OIL (Retail: $6.99/ 50ct) - I love trying out new make up remover pads. This one is pretty interesting since they're dry and you just add water to activate it. I'll try this out tonight and see how it goes. I'm hoping to get good results since it's promising Argan oil properties and since winter is coming, I need hydrating properties from as many products as I can get!

Last is a BODY DRENCH LIP DRENCH LIP BALM (COCONUT LIME) (Retail: $4.99/ .15oz) - I'm a big lip balm hoarder and this one's pretty decent. It's hydrating but I'm not keeping it only because I cannot stand coconut flavored products. I'm passing it on to my sister. 

There you go. I think out of the 5 products, the ones I like are the shimmer powder and the makeup remover pads. The lip balm to if it was a different flavor!

Did you like anything from this month's box? What are your thoughts?

Ooooh, but before I go, let me share with you this month's coupon codes!

Bella Pierre: Use code beautybox5 to get 50% off Get the Look Kits (exp. 10/15/13). Check out the Purple Storm Kit! So pretty!
Fly Ties: Use code BB20 to get 20% off site wide (exp. 12/15/13). I don't think I'm Boho-chic enough but if I was, I'd totally get this feather accessory.
Skiin Shop: Use code BOX5 to get 30% off site wide (exp. 10/5/13). This Skin Tightener and Line Filler's intriguing.

See you next time,

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