Monday, September 23, 2013

The One With The Monday Post (September 23, 2013)

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Will Work For Makeup, I'm doing The Monday Post.

Turns out, I'm not the only one who's not crazy about Mondays. Tiffany's on point with writing a Monday post to help us all get through the week. Here's to a little beauty motivation and some inspiration!

Favorite beauty read/ viewing: Of course, this week, it would have to be Will Work for Makeup. As someone who just very recently gotten into makeup, I appreciate helpful blogs like Tiffany's. I LOVE reading her reviews and hauls. She makes me want to experiment with makeup more!

Beauty Goal: Wear orange lipstick for my day look at least once this week. As I've mentioned, I'm very new to makeup and beauty so I'm still easily intimidated by wearing color outside my room! I'm slowly getting into bolder lip colors and I think an orange hue lipstick is an unexpected but nice twist for a fall everyday look. 

Product (Re)discovery: This weekend, I was finally able to fix my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from The Balm. I got it early this year and it came in the mail broken. I've been meaning to fix it but it's been sitting at the back of my drawer for the longest time! It's finally ready now and I'm pretty excited to use it. 

Beauty Lust: Tiffany wrote about her Nars blush collection and I've been dreaming about Mounia ever since. Unfortunately, it's discontinued but I'm hoping that it will come my way somehow. I'm also really liking Sin. I don't have anything Nars in my collection yet but I'm definitely looking at these two!

Most Looking Forward To: Writing a few beauty posts this week! I have a couple more haul posts of my subscription boxes (read about Beauty Box 5 here) but I also have a Fall season blush list coming up. I've already taken pictures and just need to do the write up. Yay! 

Isn't The Monday Post such a fun idea? Leave me your links if you decide to do it too and I'll come visit! And of course, all credit goes to Will Work For Makeup. :)

Cheers to a good week ahead!

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