Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The One With The Monday Post That Happened On Tuesday

Favorite beauty read/ viewing: This week, I've been enjoying G's posts over at Nouveau Cheap. I found her through instagram and love following her posts. Her blog is all about inexpensive makeup and sales which, if you know me, is just right up my alley. She writes
multiple posts a day too so there's always fresh content on her blog!

Beauty Goal: Apply eye cream every night this week. My dark circles have been so out of control lately. With the mix of my back pain medication, my back pain in general, work stress, and other life worries, my energy has just been on an all time low lately. All these have def taken a toll on my skin and  I just haven't found it in me to amp up my skin care routine. I tried last night and I was actually planning on skipping my skin care stuff tonight but since I'm writing this... I guess I'm gonna get on it.

Product (Re)discovery: After a while of not using it, I once again used and fell in love all over again with the Clarisonic skin care system. The actual device is actually my sister's and I just have a separate brush for myself. I just love how well it cleanses my face and how nice it feels after. I'm a big proponent of exfoliation and my favorite thing (aside from buffing out dead skin cells) is how helpful it is in how well my skin absorbs the products I put on it.

Beauty Lust: The Balm had a flash sale last week and all their products were 50% off for a couple of hours. I was all over that but their server kept crashing and I just got tired of trying which was actually a good thing because I really don't need to be spending that much money right now. While I was on the site though, I saw the Instains which are their long wearing powder staining blushes and I really, really, really wanted to get Pinstripe and Swiss Dot. Hmmm... Maybe next flash sale. 

Most Looking Forward To: The end of this week. It's only Tuesday and I'm already so, so tired. I actually just got home from Back To School Night and it's definitely one of the most tiring things we need to do. The preparation towards and the night itself are just super draining. I'm just ready for this week to be done. Also, I'm going on a mini hiking getaway with some friends so that should be fun!

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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