Monday, September 1, 2014

Best ELF Products (And What to Skip) - Tools

Welcome to the last part of my Best of Elf series. If you would like to check out my top picks for Eyes and Lips products, then click here. If you're interested in Face products, then check this out.

Let me start of with the only non-brush pick, for this category, the Lip Exfoliator ($3). I don't think there's any other good lip exfoliator at this price. My favorite part about it is that it comes in lipstick form which makes it so convenient to use. I absolutely hate the taste of it when I inevitably get it in my mouth but I think that's a small price to pay for the wonders this thing does. It leaves my lips feeling smooth and plump. I try to use this twice a week to buff out dryness, chapping or product build up I may have.

And now on to the brushes.

If you have not tried any ELF brushes before, then you're missing out! Especially for makeup junkies on a budget like me, the ELF brushes are a blessing! They're such great quality and not even half the cost of a high-end brush. I have multiples of my favorite brushes and truth be told, being so cheap, the chances are higher for getting duds. I've had a few ferrules come off on me and of course that sucks but I just stick them back in with my e6000 and they're good as new. If you don't have the budget to spend on expensive brushes, then these are worth a try. They're also great to keep as back ups for people like me who are too lazy to clean brushes regularly!

The Studio brush line is great as a whole if you're looking into getting a bundle but here are some of my individual favorites and a couple ones from the Essentials line that I really think are worth your time!

Starting with the eye brushes, both the Essentials Concealer Brush($1) and Eyeshadow brush($1) are great for packing on shadows on the lids. At a buck a piece, I have multiples of these guys! Note: I will NOT recommend using the concealer brush for applying concealer. It's much too fluffy! Basically, the difference between these guys is the length of the bristles. The Eyeshadow brush has shorter bristles and a tiny bit wider than the concealer brush.

ELF Essentials Concealer Brush
ELF Essentials Eyeshadow Brush
Then there's also the Studio Contour Brush ($3) which is perfect for placing eyeshadow on the crease. The size is perfect for a more precise application than a flat shader brush. 

As for the face brushes, let's talk about the Small Stipple Brush ($3) first. I use this to apply any cream products I have and it's the perfect size so the application is precise without being too tiny. The density of the brush is also perfect because it doesn't soak in too much product. It just soaks in enough for an even  and easy to blend application.

The ELF Studio Complexion Brush ($3) is also a fine addition to any collection. It's so fluffy and soft and such a multipurpose product. It's great for applying blush, bronzer or powder.

The last brush on my list is the ELF Studio Powder Brush ($3). I think it's the perfect shape for applying powder/ mineral foundation. It's big enough for a quick, easy even application. It's the perfect density for buffing in powder but still soft enough to be super comfortable to use on the face!

And finally, the brush to skip for me, is the Essentials Powder Brush ($1). Even just by looking at the picture, you can tell how scratchy this brush is. The bristles are just too dry and coarse that I really can't stand using it on my face.

Whew! That's the end of my Best of ELF Roundup. I hope you find this helpful. Also, let me know if you have a favorite ELF product that wasn't on my list or maybe I haven't tried out. And if you haven't yet, connect with me on Instagram (@hippiegypsy00), I'm always there! It's so addicting to meet fellow beauty junkies!

Ciao, Bella!

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