Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Favorites

A favorites post that makes it up on the blog in the actual month? Why, yes, yes, thanks for noticing. Anyhoo, this is the part where I tell you about my favorite products of the month. 5 of my must-haves, if you will.

Let's start with the skin care things, shall we?

I was on a mission this month to finish all my sample/ trial size moisturizers that I got from subscription boxes and that's how I came across this heaven sent! The Pur-lisse Hydra-balance Mosturizer's hydrating powers is very reminiscent of my holy grail moisturizer for the past couple of years, the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This Pur-lisse Moisturizer leaves my skin very, very hydrated but does not feel heavy at all. My favorite thing about it is how it absorbs very quickly on the skin but still leaves me feeling like I just put it on. I had random dry patches on my face earlier this month and it's all disappeared or at least been kept to a minimum since using this product consistently. It is on the pricier side but it's honestly worth it in my opinion. I've placed an order for a full sized one as we speak and can't wait til I see how this baby works for me during the winter months. I'm also dying to try out their brightening serum! Has anybody tried it before?

Another skin care favorite is the Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. I got this from a swap I did and it has been a complete game changer! I've heard Essie (Essiebutton) talk about Soap and Glory a lot and I've been wanting to try out the brand. This particular cleanser is made with panthenol, sweet almond, orange and lavender oils. I only use it every time I have a full face of makeup (because I don't want to use it all up to quickly!) and it's so, so, so good at breaking down makeup, even the waterproof ones. I just gently massage it on my face, leave it on for a minute and then wipe it off with a warm, wet Muslin Cloth that it came with. The process feels so luxurious and just so purifying! I went on the S&G website and apparently, this has been redesigned into Ultimelt and is sold for about $16. I don't know if it works the same as the Fab Pore one. Does anyone know? Either way, if you can pick this up in the old packaging, I highly, highly recommend it!

As for Makeup favorites, I've really been enjoying the Milani Bella Eyeshadow in 03 Bella Cappuccino. It's been my go-to crease color for simple, everyday looks and it's also great for using on the crease as a transitional shade for more colorful eye makeup. It's a warm brown with a satin finish. I would say it has a little bit of sheen to it but it's very muted when you put it on. 

I've also found my favorite mascara in the Lorac Pro Thickening and Lengthening Mascara The pointy tip on the wand grabs on the tiny eyelashes on the inner and outer corner. I also must say that I didn't think much of this mascara when I first use it but as I keep using it and the more dry it gets, it works better and better. It doesn't give crazy, long eyelashes but it definitely helps with volume. The formula is very black and it does not smudge.

Last on my favorites list is this humongous sunglasses that I got here. Every other person in my life thinks it's clownish and ridiculous but I love it. I have a round face and really puffy cheeks which I sometimes get self conscious about. I find that most sunglasses, even oversized ones hit me right on the cheek and just doesn't fit right. I love this pair and just purchased another one in black! It's so inexpensive but looks so chic and stylish!

hooray for car selfies!
How about you? What products have you been loving recently?


  1. ahhh that milani single! i love them i have one in champagne :) need to get more for sure

  2. Great picks! I wish Sephora would carry Lorac! I've been loving my Too Faced bronzer recently.

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter :)
    Raincouver Beauty