Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Marsala Drugstore Blushes

So, you want to wear Marsala?

Marsala, the Pantone color for the year of 2015 is described as "a tasteful hue that embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness". To me, what that picture looks like is a burnt red color, a strong brown undertone and variably, something of a deep berry with an earthy flavor. 

Being a big fan of deeper berry shades, I'm really excited about this color pick. I have always gravitated towards this range and so I know that I already have a few in my collection. 

I wanted to share my finds in case you've been wanting to try out the trend. You might already have any of these in your collection; Or maybe you haven't tried this type of shade yet and don't want to invest until you're sure it's the right fit. Whatever the reason, I have picked out some of my favorites from the drugstore price range. Now, keep in mind that although these colors are not exactly the same, they all fall under that Marsala feel of rich red-brown undertones and earthy vibe.

Here are my picks!

Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino - Probably one of my most favorite blushes, Red Vino is straight up a burnt-red blush. It has a very prominent brick red undertone mixed in with gold shimmer that is very noticeable in this blush. Obviously, it is a little bit toned down as you sheer off the blush when worn. This pan is very, very pigmented so you have to be really careful when applying.

ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose* - One of the more muted choices, this blush is a rosy berry shade. It doesn't have as much of a red-brown undertone but I think it still looks pretty warm and earthy as you sheer it out. It also has some gold shimmer in it but it's not as prominent as in Red Vino. The gold in this is very fine so it only gives a beautiful subtle gold highlight when worn.

ELF Pressed Mineral Blush in Wanderlust* - Another one from ELF, this shade is a beautiful wine color that starts off as a shade of red when applied lightly but if worn heavily, becomes closer to a brown shade. It also has that finely milled gold mixed in but you can barely notice that when worn. It definitely applies matte on the skin. 

Jordana Blush in Terracotta Treasure - As the name suggests, this has more of an orange shade with the strong brick red undertone. Because of the terracotta color mixed in, this is a little brighter that the other Marsala blush choices making it a great shade for the summer time.

ELF Blush Palette in Dark* - The ELF blush palettes are just a big hit for me in general. You can read more about both palettes here. In this one, I found 2 shades that I think fall under the Marsala trend. the first one, on the top right of the picture, is matte and is the deepest of all the choices here. It's a clear brick red and I think is most appropriate for a little more glam on cold winter days. The other one, on the bottom right of the picture, also has a reddish undertone but it also has gold shimmer. This is a lot brighter or a red than the red vino. Kind of comparable to the Jordana blush but with the shimmer and a little more intense and a tad brighter.

Here are all the blushes swatched side by side. What do you think? Are you gonna try the Marsala trend this season?

L-R: 2 blushes from ELF blush palette, Terracotta Treasure by Jordana, Red Vino by Milani, Wanderlust by ELF


  1. Milani's "Red Vino" looks stunning (LOVE their blushes), not sure if shades like this one would work with my skin tone, but that can't stop me from drooling over all of these! <3

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  2. Thanks for visiting Paula! I love Milani blushes too. Def one of the better drugstore blushes out there! See you on insta, love! <3